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Survivor Series: Accounting
Manual / Tutorial

Read Me First

Primary Setup
How To Use This Manual
How This Manual Is Organized
Critical Operating Parameters - Pre-Configuration
How To Enter The Accounting Programs
One Company: Use The Main System / Multiple Companies: Use Qualifiers

Primary Setup Of A Company Using The Basic Template
Primary Setup OF A Company From Scratch (no template)
Removing An Entire Company
Security - The Master Passwords
The Printers File

Chapter 1 - Configuring The General Ledger
What is A General Ledger
The 5 Account Types
The Fiscal Year, Account Types & Ranges

System Generated Numbers and Miscellaneous Defaults

Chapter 2 - Running the General Ledger
Starting The G/L
Turning the External Modules Off/On
The Transaction File - Adding Checks and Deposits
A Start On Debits and Credits - Adding A Manual Journal Entry
Viewing Transactions Through The Chart Of Accounts
Posting Transactions to the Chart Of Accounts
Income Statement / Balance Sheet
Adding a G/L Account - Clearing Accountst
The Backwards C - Understanding Credits & Debits
The Backwards C - Follow Up
Bank Reconciliation Program
Reversing a posting - Voiding a Check
G/L Reports
Set Current Period for G/L


Chapter 3 - Accounts Payable
Configuring Accounts Payable
Adding Vendors
Adding Invoices, / Adding Vendors On The Fly
Modifying Invoices
Adding Credit Memos
Posting A/P Invoices & Credit Memos
Selecting Checks for Payment
Build Checks From Selected Items
Previewing and Modifying Pending Checks
Printing Checks
Reprint Checks Not Posted Yet
Posting Checks To The G/L
A/P Reports
Set Current Period for A/P


Chapter 4 - Accounts Receivable
Configuring Accounts Receivable
Adding Customers
Adding Invoices, and Adding Customers On The Fly
Modifying Invoices
Adding Credit Memos
Posting A/R Invoices & Credit Memos
Applying Payments
Using Credit Memos
Using Credit Memos
Deposits On Account - Prepayments
A/R Reports
Set Current Period for A/R
Adding The Support Files
Invoicing With The G&S File
Invoicing With The G&S File

Chapter 5 - Payroll
Configuring Payroll
Special Configuration Note
Adding Employees
Creating a Check Run
Previewing / Modify Checks
Preview Checks - Follow Up

Print Payroll Checks
Reprint Checks Not Posted Yet
Posting Checks To G/L and History
Viewing Paychecks on File
P/R Reports

End Of Year Close Payroll Procedure


Chapter 6 - Archiving Records / Storing Deleted Records
Storing Deleted Records

Archiving Records To History

Chapter 7 - Closing The G/L Year
How To Close The G/L Year
The 3 Step Perfect Close - Printable Page

The Movies
Loading The Unix Version
Loading the Windows Version

Appendix - Extra Stuff
G/L Discussion - Double Entry Accounting
The Backwards C - A Poster Cheat Sheet For You
How Long Should You Store Documents
End Of Year Procedure - Printable Version

How To Interface Your Applications With The G/L
Programming Code - P/R Check Posting Routine (flat file)
Programming Code - A/P Check Posting Routine (header-detail)

Programming Code - The Generic Posting Subroutine (flat file)