filePro ® Information for IT / Computer Consultants

Instructions for migrating filePro ® to new server / hardware:

Have someone from the company contact or to have filePro ® license file reset.
We will need customer name, filePro ® license number ( or at least filePro ® account number )
Copy existing filePro ® directories from old equipment to the new equipment.
( default install directory for filePro ® is in the 'appl' directory. Should have both 'fp' and 'filepro' directories within )
Download filePro ® install and updated license file.
Follow instructions for installing filePro ® for the appropriate Operating System.
( Reinstalling will ensure that all supporting files are installed and registry is updated properly. )

filePro ® Support

filePro ® support is available if needed and a member of the support team can login to assist with the installation.
( Support Fees may apply )
For the quickest reply to any filePro ® support questions - we recommend that the filePro ® customer login
and add the IT technician as a 'support user' to allow them to use the online support system ( Customer Login )
If the customer is upgrading from an earlier version of filePro ® - upgrades include 30 days of free installation support.
Login to request filePro ® Support here: filePro ® Online Support
Click to View filePro ® Support Policy


Supported versions are 6.0 and 6.1 - Current Release is - Update Subscription is - fileProWeb is V374

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