filePro® is a powerful database tool for rapid application development that offers data and code transportability from platform to platform, operating system to operating system, and has dual-write capabilities.

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filePro Plus® 6.1, the flagship product of fP Technologies, facilitates rapid development with screen, print, and form generators. It is a fourth generation database management tool with a menu driven application generator, all in one environment, providing the complete toolset needed for creating high quality, feature-rich applications.

Key Features

  • Easy To Define Files
  • Easy Screen Design
  • Custom Data Edits and Types
  • Definable User Menus
  • Simple Programming Language
  • Event Driven Processing
  • Automatic and Demand Indexing
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Dual Write/Mirroring
  • XLSX Spreadsheet Creation
  • Cross Platform
  • No Change Upgrades

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filePro GI® offers filePro Plus® users a graphical Windows interface and integration with third party software including Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Excel, etc. fileProGI® is a true Windows client that provides a runtime graphical interface to filePro® applications.

Key Features

  • Point and Click
  • Scalable
  • Calendars
  • Custom Drop Down
  • Calculator
  • Audio and Video
  • Spell Check
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Current Release V374

filePro Web® offers filePro Plus® users a Run-time browser web based interface and integration for end users with additional screen real estate, frames, pictures and so much more.

Key Features

  • Embedded HTML
  • Multiple Screen Regions
  • Custom Application Theming
  • Access Data Across Platforms
  • Pass Data Using JavaScript
  • Centralized Applications
  • HTTPS Support

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fPSQL® is an extremely powerful data extraction tool capable of pulling relational data from multiple filePro® databases utilizing common SQL commands and syntax.

Key Features

  • Perform Queries with SQL Syntax
  • Generate Reports

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