fP Rapid Deployment Services

In the spirit of filePro as a rapid deployment application tool, fP_RDS is designed to give you back some of your valuable time by providing the following services designed to reduce your development and deployment efforts:

fP_RDS Training and Consulting Services

Come to our Corporate Headquarters and Rapid Deployment Services Center or have us come on site to receive custom training, consulting and even specialized programming help. One-on-one training that focuses on your application is available. Group training that focuses on your filePro application or area of interest.
On-site training, consulting, and programming services are available. It is normally our goal to put you in touch with a qualified filePro developer in your area to provide you with programming services. If you developed your application in house or there is no filePro developer that services your area, we would be glad to quote you on providing programming services.

fP_RDS PC and Server Pre-configuration Service.

Purchase a pre-configured laptop, PC, or server from us with the operating system and your choice of filePro products already installed.
Purchase a new laptop, PC, or server from the vendor of your choice. Have it drop shipped to our Rapid Deployment Center. We will load and configure the operating system, and load the filePro products. [This service is available for new PC's and servers only]

Supported versions are 6.0 and 6.1 - Current Release is - Update Subscription is - fileProWeb is V374

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