Our Company

fP Technologies of Ohio, Inc. is an Ohio corporation that has built its history around a powerful data base engine and rapid application development interface. Another most attractive benefit of the company's product offerings is the data and code transportability from platform to platform and operating system to operating system. Following a 2009 financial and ownership restructure, fP Technologies of Ohio, Inc. is now positioned for a rapid growth curve with a full range of cross-platform GUI based applications, interfaces and tools.

Our Products

fP Technologies of Ohio, Inc. offers several product lines ranging from a very robust database management system, to HTML tools, and other products. Our company has been a provider for over 30 years, servicing developers, OEMs, insurance companies, and large industries with data manipulation solutions.

Our Commitment

The owners and staff of fP Technologies of Ohio, Inc.make our commitment to the products and our customers one of the highest in the industry. Our programmers and support personnel reside around the country and are linked by the latest technology in communications to assist each other in reacting to our customers' needs as quickly as possible.

Supported versions are 6.0 and 6.1 - Current Release is - Update Subscription is - fileProWeb is V374

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