filePro® Upgrades.
Did you know....?

Upgrading your filePro version will NOT change how your software works now.
Although there are new features added to filePro in every release - those features are available to you only when YOU implement them into your software application.
Unlike other software upgrades where you have to learn how it works again, filePro features are NOT automatically implemented.
YOU decide what new filePro features to use and add them to your software application only when you want or need to.

How long does it take to upgrade filePro® ?

Depending on the speed of your internet to download the filePro install and updated license file - typical filePro upgrades can be performed in about 10 minutes or less.
We recommend rebuilding all of your indexes if you are upgrading from a very old version of filePro as there have been enhancements made to indexing in the newer filePro releases.
filePro Install Documentation is available online. Just click on the 'Support' tab above and select 'Resources'.

What if I have problems installing filePro® Upgrade?

When you purchase a filePro upgrade, it also includes 30 days of installation support. ( From Date of invoice )
If you need help - one of our support technicians can login to your computer to perform the upgrade.

Supported versions are 5.8 and 6.0 - Current Release is - Update Subscription is - fileProWeb is V360

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